Never panic again when you have a sick or bleeding chicken in your lap and don't know what to do.

Join the monthly membership program that teaches you natural and emergency care strategies, for just $25 per month.


"Thank you Heather, I was able to view the new lesson and a few others on my lunch break Love all the topics! What a great resource you're providing to the chicken community!" - Diane C.

As Seen In...

"I absolutely enjoy and value your private Chicken Health Academy group. I appreciate the knowledge and support everyone offers, but more importantly, the kindness. I’ve joined a handful of public groups for the animals I own (horses, goats, and chickens. ) and honestly, they are horrible. Thousands of members and lots of rudeness and opinion. Keeping it private I’m sure helps a lot. Thanks again for all you do for us chicken parents. Your knowledge, experience and passion for sharing is priceless!" - Dana T., member

Let's be real for a moment.

Knowing how to treat chicken emergencies isn't quite as easy as reading a few articles online and hoping for the best.

Maybe you've scoured the Internet with a bleeding chicken in your lap, heartbroken you can't find what you need the very moment you need it most, because the neighbor's dog decided to attack your flock. Or, maybe your chicken's feathers are falling out and you have no idea why. Is it lice? Mites? Molting? Bullying?

Never mind worrying about common problems like Marek's, impacted crop, heat stroke, or Cocci (and those are just the ones you can pronounce.)

You just want to be the best Chicken Mama you can be.

Which is why you're reading this in the first place.

It's also why you're so passionate about learning how to use natural medicine with your flock to prevent common illnesses and disease. But, you need treatments that could really work, not just some pie-in-the-sky out-there suggestions cooked up by someone who's never actually owned a chicken.

One problem is that a lot of the information you need is scattered around the internet and you're not sure what to look for. Another problem? There's just not a lot of information about using herbs and holistic treatments with chickens. And it's frustrating.

You're not alone.

Listen, I know you would never take in an animal without doing everything in your power to take care of it. And you have impossibly high standards when it comes to the animals in your care.

You know what that says to me?

You give a damn about your animals. And you care enough to keep going and trying to learn what you need, even when it's hard or doesn't work out.

Not everybody would do that.

The truth is knowing how to take care of your flock in an emergency changes everything. These skills will make you feel strong, empowered, and completely equipped to step in and save a life when you have to. Plus, you'll know how to prevent a lot of illness and disease in the first place.

And that's priceless.


"The modules in the Academy have been great so far! I have about a half notebook full of information...that is awesome!" - Renee M.

So, Does This Sound Like You?

  • One of my hens was egg bound last week, and I panicked. I had no idea what to do, and she didn't make it.
  • It seems like everyone else's chickens are healthy and never get sick. Mine are coughing all the time, and I can't figure out why.
  • When one of my chickens gets hurt, I race through the house looking for everything I need to help her. I really need to organize a first aid kit.
  • I'd like to learn how to use herbs to help my chickens, but I have no idea where to start.

You can do this...

You Can Become Your Neighborhood Chicken MD.

What They're Saying...

When I asked CHA Members What They've Learned Since Joining...👇👇👇

"I love all the practical ideas. As a retired RN with some knowledge about chickens (but no personal adult experience) the resources and information from this summit have been so very valuable to me. I like to approach emergencies calmly and as effectively as possible. It is difficult when supplies have to be purchased or found and you are left scrambling around instead problem solving. This information will help me round out my chicken supplies just in case." - Audrey A.

Hey there, I'm Heather!

And I want to help you become the best Chicken Mama you can be.

When you have a backyard flock, illness and injury are going to happen. It's just part of it.

When I got my first flock of chickens, I REALLY didn't know how to take care of them. And although I was skilled in first aid and herbalism, I didn't know how to apply these skills to my birds. So, I really struggled to figure it all out, and I lost birds I loved in the process.

My hard-won lessons are what the Chicken Health Academy is all about. I've taken everything I've learned over the years and compiled it into one super-powered course so that you won't have the make the same mistakes I did.

It's not a magic wand, but it's the next best thing: a step-by-step guide to show, in crystal-clear detail, exactly what to do. All in one place.

"Had a chicken sick day.. ended up taking both the chicken and the poo sample to the vet... waste of money... don't want to brag but by now after learning "chicken 101" I am convinced that I know more about chicken health issues, prevention and more importantly, natural cures than that doctor does... but at least the test came back negative for all parasites."

-Georgia T., current CHA member

Imagine knowing exactly what to do when your chicken is sick or injured, without second-guessing yourself.

You're going to....

  • Go into an emergency situation knowing exactly what to do, instead of running around in a panic without a clue. This could make the difference between saving your chicken...or not.
  • Be prepared and ready to treat illness and injuries, instead of scrambling to find what you need while your chicken is suffering.
  • Make your own amazing herbal salves and liniments that work, instead of relying on expensive commercial treatments for wound care.
  • Use herbs to ease your chickens through challenging times like molting and brooding, instead of leaving them to their own devices and hoping for the best.
  • Be the Rock Star Chicken Expert that gives back and helps your community with their chicken questions, instead of never knowing what to say when flock issues come up.

"This is unlike any other chicken-care course I've seen online. You still have to do the work and LEARN, but Heather made it so easy for a beginner like me. And, getting to watch her work with her chickens was really made it easy to grasp what she's teaching. Don't wait until it's too late to learn all this!"

 â€“Pam H.


The course that helps you go from beginner to chicken health expert.

Chicken Health Academy is designed to take the guesswork out of chicken emergency care and medicinal herbs so that you know exactly how to help your girls when they need you the most.

Chicken Health Academy was created with two goals in mind.

First, to help backyard chicken keepers learn how to confidently administer medical care for their flock. Because not knowing what to do in an emergency is a heartbreaking feeling of helplessness.

Second, to help you learn how to use herbs to improve the health and well being of your chickens so you can prevent a lot of illness in the first place.

If you are a committed backyard chicken keeper, or if you constantly second-guess yourself when it comes to treating your chickens when they're ailing, this is your chance to leave that behind.

I PROMISE that you can do this! And I'll be with you every step of the way.

"Heather, thank you! I'm so glad I decided to sign up for this course. I'm just a few days in, but I've already learned so much! Already I feel more confident in being able to take care of my girls if they need me."

 â€“Renee T.

Here's how you'll learn to be a Chicken MD.

Chicken emergency care doesn't

have to be scary.

Know how to help your chickens when they're hurt, and even help prevent a lot of illness and disease in the first place.

Get ready to channel your inner healer and know EXACTLY which herbs to use, each time you need them.

- Module 1 -

Baby Chicks


Chicks are such a joy...but they're so delicate! However, there's a LOT you can do to prevent problems and raise healthy chicks.

In Module 1, you'll learn how to get your baby chicks off to the healthiest start possible using herbs, quality nutrition, and best practices.

- Module 2 -

Maintaining a

Healthy Coop

In Module 2, you'll learn everything you need to know about maintaining a safe and healthy coop environment.

You'll also learn which herbs you can use inside the coop to repel pests, clean naturally, and create a calm and welcoming atmosphere.

- Module 3 -

Supporting Life Seasons

Chickens go through different seasons in life just like we do. And, you can use herbs and good nutrition to ease them through these transitions.

So, this is what we cover in Module 2: using herbs and different foods to help chickens through molting, brooding, and mothering.

- Module 4 -


First Aid

Here's where it gets real, ya'll.

In Module 3, you're going to dive into the nitty gritty world of chicken first aid. You'll learn how to set up a sick bay and chicken first aid kit so you're always prepared, how to stop traumatic bleeding and dress a wound, how to reset broken bones, and so much more.

- Module 5 -

Herbs for Chickens

Here's where my heart is.

In Module 5 you'll learn all about how to use herbs to boost health, ease symptoms, and prevent illness and disease. I LOVE talking about herbs and there's a lot here!

- Module 7 -

Top 10

Chicken Emergencies

Every chicken keeper needs to know how to diagnose and treat common chicken emergencies. Because no matter how careful you are, your chickens WILL eventually get sick.

In Module 5, you'll learn how to identify the top 8 most common chicken emergencies, and how to treat them using natural and conventional methods.

- Module 9 -

Live Workshops

Every month, I conduct a live workshop on Zoom called "Coffee and Chickens Hour."

These workshops are so much fun! I give a 20-30 minute presentation on a chicken topic, and then we drink coffee and chat chickens of us needs to go feed our chickens!

Our Coffee and Chickens Hour Workshops are SO. MUCH. FUN.

I hope you can come join us!

- Module 6 -

Herbal Salves and Liniments

It's hands-on fun time!!!

In Module 6, watch and learn how to make different natural medicines for your chickens (and your family!), from wound salves to herbal oils to liniments.

- Module 8 -



In Module 8 you'll find all the downloadable resources available in Chicken Health Academy.

Recipe books, ebooks, cheat sheets, flock management sheets...there's TONS here to dive into!

- Bonuses -

Awesome Extras!

Cozy up with a cup of coffee and dig into these amazing bonuses!

  • Chicken Emergency Cheat Sheets printable
  • Herbal Treatment Cheat Sheets printable
  • Top 5 Best Essential Oils for Chickens ebook
  • Chicken Keeper's Journal printable
  • Growing Medicinal Herbs Indoors ebook
  • Best Herbal Recipes for Chickens recipe ebook
  • Private Facebook Group for students

"This course is exactly what I needed. I'm a new chicken Mama, and knowing how to take care of my new babies if they get sick has given me so much peace of mind. The price of the course is still less than one vet visit, so it's totally worth it!" - Dorothy B.

Here's What's Included...

Get the tools and skills you need to set up a chicken ER at home

When you purchase Chicken Health Academy, you'll get instant access to all the tools you need to learn the ins and outs of chicken health, emergency care, and flock-friendly herbs.

The course provides a step-by-step plan for wading through different illnesses and disease, and navigating herbal medicine, so you'll never wonder what your next step should be. I'm right there with you, the whole way!

Chicken Health Academy

Chicken Health Academy is divided into 9 Learning Modules. content is added every month.

  • Module 1: Maintaining a Healthy Coop
  • Module 2: Chick Care 101
  • Module 3: Supporting a Chicken's Different Seasons
  • Module 4: Chicken First Aid
  • Module 5: Herbs for Chicken First Aid
  • Module 6: Herbal Salves and Liniments
  • Module 7: Common Chicken Emergencies
  • Module 8: Coffee and Chicken Hour Live Workshop Recordings
  • Module 9: Downloadable Resources

You'll receive a comprehensive digital ebook for each Module, as well as monthly access to all the videos and bonuses for the course.

Learning videos are as follows:

  • How to Create a Chicken First Aid Kit
  • Chicken Wound Care 101
  • Making Herbal Chicken Salve
  • Making Infused Herbal Oil
  • How to Make Dr. Kloss's Wound Cleansing Liniment
  • Herbal Garden Walking Tour
  • How to Safely Subdue a Chicken

As a monthly subscriber, you have access to all new and existing content as long as your membership is active and in good standing.

BONUS #1: Feeding Your Flock Naturally $27 FREE

Feeding Your Flock Naturally is my in-depth guide to chicken feed and nutrition. When you're done with this book you'll understand all the different types of chicken feeds, which you should be using with your flock, and how to supplement your chicken's diet with natural treats and immune-boosting strategies like sprouting and fermenting.

BONUS #2: Chicken Emergency Cheat Sheets $12 FREE

In an emergency, a quick, correct diagnosis is critical. That's why I created Chicken Emergency Cheat Sheets that you can download and print. These at-a-glance guides will help you quickly diagnose what's wrong with your chicken, and how to treat her. Keep these in a binder for fast access when you need it most!

BONUS #3: Herbal Treatment Cheat Sheets $9 FREE

So, you asked for at-a-glance guides for herbal treatments. Well, here they are!

Print this handy cheat sheet off so that you can quickly see how to use different herbs to treat common conditions in your chickens, and the coop.

BONUS #4: Top 5 Essential Oils for Chickens $9 FREE

Did you know you can use essential oils with your chickens to ward off infection, heal wounds, repel pests, and more? In this Bonus guide, I'll cover the Top 5 essential oils to use with your chickens.

BONUS #5: Chicken Keeping Journal $12 FREE

Good flock management starts with good record-keeping. And, my Chicken Keeping Journal will help you get started!

Once you download and print this PDF, you'll be able to keep track of expenses, organize breeds and ages within your flock, create a hatch log, journal your flock's health issues, and more. You'll also get a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly maintenance schedule so you always stay on top of flock chores.

BONUS #6: Growing Medicinal Herbs Indoors $27 FREE

Ready to start growing your own medicinal herbs? Want to learn how to do it all year long? This in-depth guide shows you, step-by-step, how to start growing your own medicine for your family, and your flock.

BONUS #7: Private Facebook Group for Students Priceless

Once you enroll, you'll be able to join the private Chicken Health Academy Facebook Group. I LOVE our community so much! It's vibrant, supportive, and fun.

The members of this group are our's where you can ask questions, talk about your favorite fluffy butt, share pictures, and more.

BONUS #8: Coffee and Chickens Hour Zoom Meetups Priceless

Grab your coffee! Every month, we have regular meetups through Zoom where I give a presentation, and then you can connect with me and other members, and chat all things chicken: what's working, what's not, and what we can do about it!

This is such a great way to build friendships with other backyard chicken keepers who care about your chickens as much as you do.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I'm so confident that you'll be thrilled with Chicken Health Academy that I offer a "no questions asked" 30-day Money-Back Guarantee.

"I've been keeping chickens for years and thought I knew it all. But the idea of using herbs with my chickens to improve their health was completely new to me. I've implemented some of Heather's suggestions and am already noticing improvements!"

 â€“Isabel G.


Don't miss this opportunity to transform how you raise your chickens

With the Chicken Health Academy Monthly Membership You Get...

In-depth learning modules and videos to build your skills

A supportive, interactive community to learn from and ask questions

All the bonuses to download and print, or learn on the go

New lessons added monthly to further build your knowledge and skills

Most courses charge $50 per month for all of this...


Join Chicken Health Academy, including $100 worth of premium bonuses, for just $25 per month!




Chicken Health Academy is divided up into 9 Learning Modules.

As part of the membership plan, you'll get one new Module each month.

Please keep in mind that this is a DIGITAL product. You will not receive a physical product. You can download and print all materials at home, and videos will be streamed.

You'll also gain access to all our bonus material, which includes:

  • Chicken Emergency Cheat Sheets
  • Chicken Keepers Journal
  • Top 5 Essential Oils for Chickens
  • Herbal Treatment Cheat Sheets
  • Growing Medicinal Herbs Indoors
  • Private Facebook Group


In Chicken Health Academy you'll learn:

  • How to administer emergency trauma care to your chickens
  • How to diagnose and treat the most common chicken emergencies
  • How to make homemade herbal salves, tonics, liniments, and oils
  • How to use herbs in the coop to repel pests and promote laying, boost the immune system, and prevent and treat illness and disease
  • How to create a chicken first aid kit
  • How to create a sick bay
  • How to set broken bones
  • And so much more!


The truth is, you can. You can head over to YouTube and start learning how to do some of these things yourself.

The problem is:

  • When your chicken is injured or deathly sick, you need to know how to heal her NOW. Spending time searching for the video you need on YouTube costs valuable time. And you may never find what you need in time.
  • You don't always know who you're learning from. They may know what they're talking about, or they might not.
  • There's not a lot of reliable information on YouTube about using herbs or holistic techniques with chickens.
  • YouTube doesn't have a supportive, welcoming community of fellow chicken keepers to ask questions to.

So, yes, you could go out and research all this yourself. But this is incredibly time consuming, draining, and frustrating. You won't always find the answers you need.

I know because that's what I did. Which is why I took everything I learned, online and from my own research and experiences, and condensed it into one awesome course.

Enrolling in Chicken Health Academy saves you from doing all the frustrating legwork of learning chicken health care on your own.


This is not a book, it is a comprehensive course for chicken health and emergency care.

Please keep in mind that all materials are delivered digitally in PDF format and video


You're a great fit for Chicken Health Academy if:

  • You're ready to know exactly how to help your chickens in an emergency.
  • You're prepared to do some uncomfortable things if it saves your chicken's life.
  • You enjoy making things, and want to learn how to make homemade herbal salves, tinctures, liniments, and oils.
  • You don't mind getting your hands dirty.

Chicken Health Academy might NOT be for you if:

  • You'd rather take your chicken to the vet when she's sick or injured.
  • You don't like touching or seeing blood.
  • You're uncomfortable with the thought that you might have to work with a chicken's internal body parts in order to heal her.

Look...working with chickens is sometimes messy. And this is especially true when they're sick or injured.

It takes strength, compassion, and resolve to reset a broken beak, or manually remove a stuck egg. It's not fun. But sometimes it has to be done.

If you can handle this thought, if you can make the tough but right decisions when it comes to your flock, you're a natural CHA student.

If not, then you might not be ready to join. Either way, my blessings go with you.


Not happy? No problem. I know how to break up amicably.

If you don't feel like Chicken Health Academy is worth the investment, you can cancel anytime.


I've done everything I can to make learning through Chicken Health Academy as simple and easy as possible!

After you go through the checkout, you'll receive an email with a link to create your account and access your course.

CHA is set up so that all the lessons, videos, and downloads are available immediately. So, you can jump right in and get learning!


You can join Chicken Health Academy for just $25 per month.

Once you join, you will have monthly access to the course as long as your membership is active and in good standing.

And, I add content every month, constantly improving and expanding the course, so it will only get better from here!


At this time Chicken Health Academy is only available in digital PDF format. You can print the entire bundle and have it bound or keep it in a 3-ring binder, or you can print just the pages and recipes you need.


Chicken Health Academy will be delivered digitally, via the email address you provide at checkout.

Sign in information should arrive within 5-10 minutes of your purchase. You can access your content anytime.

Again, as a monthly subscriber one new Module will open up for learning on the 1st of each month.

Be the Chicken MD you were born to be.

This is your chance to raise healthy, happy chickens.

It's 100% in the cards for you,

when you know how to handle health and emergency care.

Go ahead and invest in Chicken Health Academy.

You won't be alone.